What is StreamLoan?

StreamLoan is a fintech service that makes the loan (purchase & refinance) process simple, efficient, and digital for both the lender and customer. To learn more, read our About Us section.

Which banks or financial firms can I connect to through your platform?

We connect to many of the large commercial banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies, payroll processors, tax providers, among other financial agencies.  Over 15,000+ firms in total.

Will StreamLoan allow me to have a mobile and digital experience?

Yes, we are one of the first companies that have created a native mobile experience in the mortgage lending process. By digitizing the lending process, you can communicate with your lenders faster and speed up the overall mortgage loan process.

What platforms does StreamLoan support?

StreamLoan is currently available on iOS, Android and any other device via responsive web.


How much does it cost?

StreamLoan is free to use for borrowers who work with any StreamLoan enabled mortgage lender.

How will using StreamLoan benefit me?

StreamLoan allows you to gather all of your documents in a completely digital and mobile way, reducing the time and headache of searching for all of the documents needed in the process. StreamLoan also speeds up the overall mortgage lending process, by allowing you to easily communicate with your lender through the service. The service lets you know exactly where you stand in the mortgage loan process, instead of making you guess how far you are in the lending process. Your lender will create an audit trail on the application process, so that you know what you have accomplished and which documents you still need to submit.

Will my personal information be safe on StreamLoan?

Yes, security is our priority at StreamLoan. Your personal information and documents will only be used to administer the service. We will display your personal information in your profile page and elsewhere on the service according to the preferences you set in your account. To learn more, read our Privacy Policy.  Last, all of your data is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption, both in-flight and at-rest. This includes your documents, any personal information, chat sessions, and more.

How do I set up an account?

Any lender who is on the StreamLoan platform will send you a registration code to sign up for StreamLoan’s service. Note that some lenders private label our service, in which case it might go under a separate name designated by your lender.  You can invite your other family members (e.g. significant other or parent), who will also be able to receive a unique registration code to create their own account.

How many accounts would my family need?

As we put privacy and security above all other user experiences, we require each person to have their own account.  You can collaborate and share documents with your other family members and with the lender through StreamLoan’s platform - but each registered user will only have access to the details of their own finances to protect privacy.  The lending team of course will have visibility to all the required financial data.  

What if my current lender is not a StreamLoan partner?

Talk to your lender about the benefits of using StreamLoan’s product and have them send a partner request at 


How do I become a partner with StreamLoan?

Please contact

How much does it cost?

StreamLoan charges a monthly SaaS platform fee.  Please reach out to for more information.

How will using StreamLoan benefit me?

StreamLoan eliminates the load of pushing paperwork & documents for you, which will reduce loan application processing time (chasing docs), allowing you to be more efficient than your competitors. We also allow your team to grow your business by allowing you to focus efforts on sales and business development. With the numerous resources and features integrated into our service, your borrowers will have an improved customer service experience.

How will I know if the documents my customers share are legitimate?

With StreamLoan Certified Documents (™), we guarantee documents are authorized from the source (stock brokerage, insurance company, bank, or another document source). Our authorization system keeps all documents from being modified inappropriately.

What if I already use a digital system to digitize documents in the lending process?

We offer a completely digital experience for you to interact with your customers. Please contact and we can discuss the benefits of switching to StreamLoan’s service.