Company Overview

Our Vision

To enable a world free of paper based transactions, saving millions of trees while reclaiming your time from inefficient processes

Our Mission

To make the loan (purchase & refinance) process simple, efficient, and digital for both the lender and customer, embedded across all loan transactions

How it Started

After spending over 15 years as a real estate investor and having sub-par customer experiences time and again, we decided to take action. Getting a loan should not be as burdensome, clumsy, and unattractive as it is today. Mortgages are the worst, thus our initial focus on this vertical. We can all think back on the last loan experience where we were asked to do things like ‘send a fax?!?!’ or send (unsecure) emails with sensitive information, all while not knowing where you are in the process. How about wanting to save money on your loan or mortgage product, but not having the time, nor wanting to jump thru all the process hoops? Yes we understand that too. Well, we have had enough.

StreamLoan was founded in 2015 by Stephen Bulfer and Armando Gonzalez, to bring a simple experience to getting a mortgage (or loan). StreamLoan headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA.

Why We Do What We Do

The mortgage industry has not changed in a 100 years, and is ripe for something better. We recognize how important home ownership is, and how this should be a pleasant experience, especially as for many of us it’s the largest and most important asset we own. We care about simplifying consumers lives and empowering financial enterprises to make that happen. We are customers too, and want these great experiences.

Bridging the human side of lending with innovation on streamloan's digital mortgage platform

Today, the average home loan for purchase takes 40+ days to close, with lender manufacturing costs upwards of $8,800. StreamLoan can reduce the closing window by consolidating the entire process into a secure, consistent, simple, private-labeled digital and mobile solution.

StreamLoan's digital mortgage platform gives lenders the power to increase revenue, close more loans, and deliver the best borrower experience while reducing cost.

Meet StreamLoan

StreamLoan enables lead management and mortgage origination, bringing together loan officers, borrowers, and realtors, to convert leads into loans, faster, by automating the process end-to-end. Our mobile-first and web app technology is simple, real-time, and fully functional in-office or at kids swim practice, for all counter-parties, driving more closed loans.

Get business results. Increase revenue, close more loans, and deliver the best borrower experience while reducing cost.