Today, the average home loan for purchase takes 40+ days to close, with lender manufacturing costs upwards of $8,800. StreamLoan can reduce the closing window by consolidating the entire process into a secure, consistent, simple private-labeled digital and mobile solution.

StreamLoan's digital mortgage platform gives lenders the power to increase revenue, close more loans, and deliver the best borrower experience while reducing cost.

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Accelerate Your Business Growth - Drive More Revenue

  • Increase referrals and drive lead conversion by connecting borrower, lender, real estate agent, and relevant home purchase stakeholders.
  • Consolidate and streamline lead management - purchased leads, referrals from home builders or real estate agents, from digital channels.
  • Enable borrowers and their real estate agents to monitor loan progress, and next take steps in real-time.
  • Resolve issues in real-time to speed home purchases on loan files.

Faster Processing Times- Reduce Loan Manufacturing Costs 

  • Collect, review, and approve financial and other borrower documents - from any device, anytime.    
  • Manage updates and instantly communicate with all relevant parties to share status, identify and resolve issues, and keep your business partners and borrower up-to-date. 
  • Speed turnaround times. Build cleaner loan files to share with underwriting for faster processing times.
  • Improve accuracy of data and documents collected from borrowers and other parties.

Increase Transparency - Collaborate with an Efficient, Consistent Process

  • Process more loans, faster by following a consistent workflow and process across your lending organization.
  • Seamlessly collect, manage, and share data and documents through system integrations such as LOS software, CRM, credit, employment verification, banks, pricing, and other legacy systems.
  • Use real-time chat to work with all parties to keep all conversations in a single centralized location.
  • Send pre-qual / pre-approval letters, disclosures, purchase contracts, appraisals, and other relevant home purchase documents to your borrowers.

Workflow Automation- Bring Productivity and Efficiency to Lending

  • Reduce errors and omissions of critical data or documents, creating cleaner loan files for underwriting to approve more efficiently.
  • Collect the 1003 mortgage application and corresponding supporting financial documents faster than ever, creating the cleanest loan file in the industry.  
  • Gather data from banks, insurance companies, brokerages, tax, and payroll systems to process files more quickly and accurately with your borrowers.
  • Improve workflow and process for credit checks by receiving electronic authorizations from users simply within the app.

Security and Privacy- Protect Data While Maintaining Compliance

  • Improve security methods – we encrypt your data at rest and in-flight with AES-256 bit bank level security, AICPA secure & CFPB compliant.
  • Provide an audit trail on qualification process.
  • Assign team members to a variety of roles including Management, Loan Officer, Loan Officer Assistant, Junior Loan Officer, Processor and Underwriter, enabling the right set of security access.
  • Support retail/direct, wholesale brokers, and correspondent lending, among other more complex business models.

Customized Brand Experience-Differentiate Your Offering

  • Struggling to compete against the other tech enabled, digital mortgage providers? Give your borrowers the simple digital experience they expect - including a private labeled native app in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Customize the look and feel of the platform to your brand.
  • Deliver your branded experience across all clients including iOS, Android, and Web, impressing borrowers from the first touch.